Keep Your Dryer Safe and Clean

Owning your own dryer is an incredible convenience that can allow you to do laundry in the comfort of your home rather than run to the laundry mat every time you need to wash and dry. However, along with owning a dyer comes the responsibility of taking care of it. At Just Dryer Vents we want to make sure you can keep your unit in great shape for longer. Below are some tips to help:

1. Always Clean the Vent

When you dry a typical load of laundry, don’t forget to clean out the vent! This will help ensure you reduce the amount of lint and fuzz that is able to travel down into the dryer piping.

2. Have Professional Cleaning Done

Even with careful consideration for cleaning your dryer vent, it’s likely that fuzz and lint will get into the piping of your dyer. To help get rid of this so you are not at risk of a fire, call a professional to help. They can do dryer duct cleaning with their specialty tools, which will completely eliminate the dust and fuzz for you. It’s a minimal cost for such a safe and effective service.

3. Maintain a Clean Dryer

Have dryer duct cleaning done on a regular basis, in addition to cleaning out your lint trap with each and every load. It won’t take much time and will help ensure you don’t put your home at risk of a fire that could have been otherwise avoided.

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